Our crew is a versatile group of people, who have their own qualities. We've got content creators, photographers, a fashion student, a stylist and an online marketeer.  

Lisanne van den Hoogen



Content Creator  & Editor


I like people who wear whatever they like and do that with confidence. I love how it can help people express themselves. I myself like a combination of femininity and bad-ass. I don't really care about brands. If it fits me, I wear it. When I was a younger, I always wanted to shop at the boys department because the girls department only offered pink and glittery stuff. Thank god my mother let me, thank you mom! These days it's easier to find more streetstyle clothing for women, although I often don't find the tops long enough and I will sneak into the mens department again. I can't figure out why there are so little brands out there that cater to us tough girls! When I finally find something, I am as happy as a little kid in a candy store. The first thing I do when I walk out the store with my new item? Message my T.O.S girls of course ;) 


Sheree Luurssen



Online marketeer, Photographer & Content Creator


When Lisanne walks out the store with her new found item, she indeed message us but is never actually talking to me haha. I'm the style stranger of this group, although I'm kind of the instigator of this T.O.S thing. What is your style then? If I'm looking at my segment, which is the little big girls one, I do got my own style. I really really don't like the clothes that are out there for us, so I'm always on the lookout for new items and brands. ( let's face it, why is it necessary that their is a whole garden on my top or every kind of inspirational quote? ) Hello brands, big girls like tough clothes too! And if it's necessary I will even travel for it. My T.O.S girls get my style and are so kind to always keep their eye open for me too. Because I'm little and actually got a waist, a lot of the items I do like doesn't fit me well. But thankfully I've got Tessa, who will adjust it for me until it's exactly as I want it to be. 

Tessa Lamme



Designer & Stylist

I studied at the fashion institute to be a designer and stylist. Mainly because the clothes that fitted my style, weren't available in the stores. I find it very important that I feel like myself in the clothes I wear. Everybody should! I applaud everyone that does their own thing with fashion and doesn't let society define them. My style is best described as rough but sophisticatedAlthough I'm pretty vain, I always give my outfit a careless feel. When I enter a store, I scan the clothes quickly and within seconds find the right items for me. I mostly shop at the mens department. If I buy mens clothes, I like to combine or adjust it in a way that it can't easily be identified as a mens item. I love matching colors, experimenting with pieces and I'm really into sneakers and jackets. And if I can't find it? I'll create it! . 

Jackie van der Zwan



Content Creator & Photographer

Remember those yellow Nikes on our Instagram page? Or the black and white Airforce ones? Yup, those are mine. I'm definitely the shoe addict/sneakerfreak of this bunch. Because I once was 40 kg heavier, I was kinda late with developing my own style. If I must described it, I would describe it as quite sophisticated, with a little edge. I like the long blouses, blazers and bowties. I don't really care for brands although I can really appreciate a high quality item. Accessories like jewellry, watches and hats fill in a big space in my closet. I strongly believe everyone should wear whatever they like unregarded their size or gender. And remember; Shoes first and the rest will come later ;)