T.O.S meets The Ground

There is a place in The Hague that has everything a photographer or blogger desires. Light, funky objects and a great owner. The Ground is an industrial building of 1100m2 with various functions. Every picture in this post we shot ourselves, and we could have shoot there for days and not capture it all!

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Flashday at Fearless

So, we TOS girls love tattoo's. Black & grey, big and small or with colour. Combine that with an impulsive character and you know it's trouble. Fearless is a tattoo shop established in The Hague and responsible for quite a few of our tattoo's. The 16th of April they hosted a Flash Day. Meaning that the artists make designs (flash) and you can pick one you like. Because the designs are made by the artists themselves and they really want to tattoo them, the price is most of the time a bit lower. 


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New In: Daniel Wellington Classic Petite + Discount Code!

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New In: Liona Soccer

When we found out about the brand Liona Soccer, we fell for the concept immediately. Liona is the first female soccer brand out there and we are here to let you meet the brand! 

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My Buddha To Buddha collection

We are truly the accessories kinda girls. One of our favorite brands is definitely Buddha to Buddha and today I'm going to show you my favorite pieces. I always buy the Junior collection because they fit me well and will save you a few bucks. 

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